Louvered Roofs

A louvered roof system takes shading your deck area to the next level. Royal Deck uses the Sundance motorized louvered roof system, a superior product that brings beauty, style, and sophistication to your outdoor space.

If you want to use your deck regardless of the weather, a louvered roof system is the right choice for you. This system allows you to open and close the slats in the roof to allow in as much sun as you desire while also preventing rain and snow from entering the area.

How Does A Louvered Roof System Work?

A louvered roof system is designed to look a lot like a pergola. It has a roof that has open slots and is set upon four or more posts. The sides are open so that anyone can enter from any direction. If the louvered roof is placed on a deck, the poles may be secured to the deck's existing poles or railings.

The Sundance system is constructed of aluminum roofing louvers that are connected to ball bearings. The louvers can be opened and closed using a remote. The louvers can move to 160 degrees, which will allow as much sunlight or create as much shade as desired.

If it begins to rain, you can close the louvers, and the system is designed to move the water to the extruded gutters and then down through the interior of the support posts. You never have to worry about large “waterfalls” of rainwater coming off of your roof or pooling water at the base of your deck area.

One of the largest benefits of having a louvered roofing system for your deck is because it allows you to control the amount of sunlight that enters your home. Most covered decks are attached directly to the house. If a solid roof is in place, some areas of your home may miss out on the benefits of sunlight.

With a louvered roofing system, you can leave the louvers open when you are not out on the deck area, and that will allow natural lighting to reach your home still when you are not using your deck.

We are a Leading Installation Company For Louvered Roofing

Royal Deck is pleased to be a leading deck installation company offering louvered roof installation services. We work with the leading louvered roof provider, Sundance, so that our clients always receive premium quality products with our services.

If you are interested in adding a louvered roof system to your deck area or building a new deck with a shaded area and louvered roof, we encourage you to speak with one of our staff members about your project. We have extensive experience in building custom decks and installing louvered roof systems.

Royal Deck performs installation services throughout the year, so there is never a delay in starting or finishing your project. We are proud to offer superior services, high-quality products, and timely and affordable installations for all of our products.

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