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    Royal Deck proudly serves Addison, IL

    The village of Addison is a beautiful area located in the Chicago metropolitan area. The area was originally named Dunkley’s Grove and was later renamed in the 1800s. The area is full of rich history and full of nature. If you have a home in Addison, and you want to spend more time outside, you should consider getting a deck built. Adding a deck can create a unique outdoor space where you can host parties or just relax. If you plan on reselling your home in the future, adding a composite deck on build by a deck builder will help to increase the curb appeal and the value of your home. At Royal Deck, we offer the best composite deck and accommodate any size deck you need.

    Why Go with Composite Decking?

    Typically, decks are made out of wooden boards. These boards are created out of trees, and the process to get these can be less than environmentally friendly. If you are concerned about the environment and want to do your part, you should consider composite decking. Composite decking is created out of recycled plastic and wood scraps that would otherwise be left to rot at local landfills. Not only are you saving the trees when you get a composite deck, you are also help to reduce plastic waste.

    In addition to being good for the environment, composite decking is great for your bank account. When you have a regular wooden deck, at least once a year, you will have to do extensive maintenance on it. This includes doing things like sanding and resurfacing, painting, staining, and doing general repairs. You may find yourself spending a lot of money and time fixing your deck. A composite deck requires little maintenance. You will not have to repaint it or stain it every year. In fact, it is so easy to clean, all you have to use is a little soap and water.

    Why Hire Royal Deck?

    When it comes to composite decking, we have many years of experience. We also have experience in building louvered roofs, doing deck resurfacing, pavilions, pergolas, and gazebos in the 60101 area. You can find many of our satisfied customers around the Addison area and beyond. When you make an appointment with us, we will come out to determine what you want in a deck. We will work with you on your budget to determine what size deck you can afford and tell you the time that it will be before the deck is completed. If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to answer all of your questions.

    If you want a deck in the 60191 area, or you have another build like a gazebo that you are interested in, please call our deck contractors today. Our deck builders will help you to have the best-looking deck out there that will be great for relaxing, entertaining, and increasing the curb appeal of your home.