Build More Than Just a Deck

Now that you have decided to build a custom composite deck on your home, it may be time to consider additional construction projects as well. Homeowners can save a lot of time and money by completing several outdoor projects at once.

Many areas require that surveys are completed when any outdoor construction is done. This includes adding a deck to the house, even though it is attached directly to the house and is not located out on the property. Local building permits will also need to be purchased, and the area in which you live may also require building inspections during the process or after the project is completed. All of this has fees.

Many homeowners do not realize that these permits, surveys, and other costs do not have to apply to just one project. Suppose you are considering several projects at once for your outdoor entertainment areas. In that case, you may be able to get them all completed with one survey, one building permit, and one inspector checking everything at once.

Royal Deck Offers Additional Outdoor Entertainment Construction Services

If you are looking to enhance your outdoor entertainment area when you build your composite deck, Royal Deck offers additional construction services that you may find beneficial.

Louvered Roof Systems

You can enhance the enjoyment that you get from your deck area by adding a louvered roof system to the deck. This will allow you to spend more days on your deck each year, and you can even add additional lighting features so you can enjoy the deck area in the evening.


A pergola is a structure that is often placed over a walkway so that the homeowner can grow flowers or vines on it and distinguish that pathway from other areas. These are very attractive and can be easily matched to your composite deck system.


Gazebos are a beautiful addition to any outdoor area. Adding a gazebo to your yard or garden area is aesthetically pleasing and gives you additional space to enjoy the outdoors. Royal Deck can match your gazebo to your composite deck system.

You may be interested in additional projects when constructing your new custom composite deck. Speak with the friendly rep from Royal Deck to find out other cost-saving measures that you can take when enhancing your outdoor entertainment areas.

Call Royal Deck For A Comprehensive Quote For Your New Deck

If you are ready to build a custom deck on your home, we encourage you to speak with Royal Deck today. We will gladly send a rep to your home to take measurements and speak with you about the features you would like on your new deck. At this time, we will go over design features with you and find out if you would like any other outdoor entertainment features added to your property.

We will then provide you with a comprehensive quote for our services and will include a time frame for construction and completion. Once you approve the quote, we can begin construction.