Composite Deck Maintenance

Now that you have a new and shiny composite deck from Royal Deck Naperville, it is important to know how to keep that composite deck looking its best. Caring for composite decking is very simple and easy. We suggest using the following tips to keep your deck looking its best.

- Wash your deck with regular soap and water using a soft bristle push broom. Nearly all dirt and grime will come off your deck with this simple cleaning method.

- If you use a power washer, set it at the lowest spray psi and always use the fan setting.

- Avoid using Ice Melt or sand on your deck. If you use rock salt, make sure that you rinse the deck as soon as the weather turns warmer.

- If you get mold build-up on your deck, you can use a mold cleaner that is designed specifically for composite deck materials. Do not use harsh chemicals not designed for composite material.

- To help avoid mold growth, make sure that your deck area is well-vented so that moisture does not build up in that area.- Avoid putting natural mulch around the base of your deck. Use rocks or plastic mulch.

- Avoid using any type of rubber-backed mats or rugs on your deck. The rubber on these mats can stick to the decking over time and cause marks.

- Avoid debris build-up between the slats by regularly sweeping your deck. Dirt and other debris can harm the composite if left in that area for extended time periods.

- Hard water stains can be removed by using white vinegar and a soft brush. However, you need to rinse the vinegar off and you should not use hard water to do this. If you have to use hard water to rinse, make sure you completely dry the area.

- Make sure that your dryer vent is not pointed at your deck area. The hot air from the vent can cause organic decomposition of the composite material and exposure to continual moist heat can cause mold growth.

- Magic Erasers work wonders on food stains

- Never use chalk on composite materials. The chalk will absorb into the material and cause a stain.

- Check your downspouts to make sure that water is not continually pouring from your roof onto your deck. If water does pool up on your deck, remove it as soon as possible.

Royal Deck encourages all of its clients to contact them if they have any questions or concerns about maintaining their deck. Royal Deck provides a deck maintenance service that can help you keep your deck looking its best.

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