Deck Maintenance For The Upcoming Winter

Winter weather can have an impact on your deck. If you have wood decking or composite decking, there are several things that you should know about taking care of your deck during the winter so that it is ready to use as soon as the weather breaks in spring.

Winter Deck Maintenance

- Deep Cleaning

After a summer of use, it is time to do a deep cleaning on your deck. This will remove debris, mold, mildew, and other particles that can harm your deck. If you have a wooden deck, it may be necessary to reseal your deck at this time to protect it through winter. If you have a composite deck, just make sure that you keep the deck clean from leaves and other debris before the snow and ice arrive.

- Check Structure

This is a perfect time to do a check-up on the structure of your deck and look for any potential problems. Small issues at this time of the year can lead to large issues in spring if you let moisture and ice make cracks or damages worse during winter.

- Sweep Snow and Ice Off Your Deck

You will want to sweep the snow and ice off of your deck instead of using s shovel. Shovels can damage the surface of your deck, especially if it is a wooden deck. Composite decks may get scratched by the shovel.

You should avoid salting or placing other ice-melting compounds on your deck. These items can leave residue on your deck and cause it to change color or harm the sealant. The best choice is to always sweep the snow and ice from the deck.

- Watch For Ice Build Up Around Base

Snow and sleet can quickly build up ice mounds around the base of your deck. This can cause damage to the support system of the structure. Watch for ice build-up in these areas during winter and remove them promptly when necessary. These ice mounds can also harm the foundation of your home, so removing them when you see them is beneficial in many ways.

Call Royal Deck For Winter Prep

If you want to make sure that your deck is fully prepared for the winter months but are short on time, call Royal Deck. Royal Deck has been servicing decks in the Chicagoland area for a decade and can make sure that your deck is cleaned and prepped for the winter season.

Royal Deck is the leading provider of composite decking in the Chicago area and also builds custom wooden decks. Their services also include regular maintenance services and repairs. Schedule an appointment to have your deck winterized so that you do not have to worry about it through the season.

You can also schedule Spring maintenance and repair at the same time. When the weather has changed, Royal Deck will come out and get your deck ready for the warm weather season. You never have to worry about getting the most enjoyment from your deck area when you have Royal Deck performing maintenance or repairs on your deck.