Louvered roof vs pergola vs pavilion what is right for you

Louvered roof vs pergola vs pavilion what is right for you

When you are looking at the different options for your outside entertainment area, you may wonder what is exactly right for your property. There are so many different structures that can be used for outdoor entertaining it is hard to know which one to select.

A Quick Look At Pergolas, Pavilions, and Louvered Roofs


Pergolas are shade structures that are placed out in the landscaping to create a shaded area for entertainment. These structures are generally rectangular in shape and have a lattice roof sitting upon four posts. Pergolas do not have sides to them and typically sit on a concrete slab instead of having a constructed floor.


Pavilions are larger shade structures that are placed out in the landscape area for a shaded gathering space. Most pavilions are large enough to require six or more posts to hold up the roof system. The roofing system on a pavilion is solid as the one on your home. Pavilions are set on concrete slabs instead of having a floor. These are great places to have picnics or other gatherings because of the size of the structure.

Louvered Roofs

A louvered roof system can be installed on your deck, pergola, or pavilion. Louvered roofing systems are motorized so that you can adjust the slats to the width that you want to be opened. This allows you to have more control over when you use your outdoor entertainment area.

Many homeowners only use the louvered roofing systems on their custom decks because it is attached to the house, and this recreation area is used more often than those out in the yard areas. Additionally, the lattice roofing of a pergola and the solid roofing of a pavilion both serve independent purposes for those structures and make them more eye-appealing.

Speak With Royal Deck About These Outdoor Entertainment Structures

Royal Deck is a leading custom deck builder that also constructs outdoor entertainment areas like pergolas and pavilions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these structures, including adding a louvered roof system to a new or existing deck system.

Royal Deck has been working with homeowners in the Chicagoland area for the last decade and has been helping them create the perfect outdoor entertainment spaces for their homes. With more people looking for ways to spend quality time at home, adding a custom deck system or other outdoor entertainment area has been a logical choice.

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