Outdoor Fall Activities to Enjoy From Your Own Backyard

Outdoor Fall Activities to Enjoy From Your Own Backyard

Even though the air becomes a little crisper in Fall, you do not have to stop enjoying your outdoor deck area. There are many ways that you can have fun, relax, and enjoy the cooler air before winter arrives.


The fall sky is very different than other times of the year. Bring out a blanket or stretch out on a lounge chair and watch the night sky. There are many meteor showers during this time of year, so you may even be able to wish upon a falling star.

Fall Centerpiece

Collect beautiful leaves in various colors, pinecones, and acorns or chestnuts to build a centerpiece for your table. This is a great craft to do with the kids or just for fun by yourself.

Fall Birdfeeder

While you are collecting pinecones, save some of the big ones to make bird feeders. Tie a piece of string to the cone so that you can hang it up. Then, fill empty spaces in the cone with a light coat of peanut or nut butter and roll the pinecone in birdseed. Try different types of bird seed on several [inecones and see what types of birds you can attract.

Decorate Your Deck

There are several holidays during Fall. Have fun decorating your deck for each of these events. It's a great way to get into the holiday spirit and have fun with the family.

Comforter and a Book

Enjoy the cool air by curling up with a nice blanket and a book. You will really be amazed at how relaxing this is, especially with the air a little cool. Want to make this even better? Add a delicious cup of hot chocolate to the setting.

Outdoor Movie Night

Get everyone together for an outdoor movie night. You can use your home as the screen for the projector, and everyone can bring goodies and blankets and watch a fun movie. You can even find themed movies for fall holidays or weather.

Host A Fall Themed Pot Luck Dinner

Invite family and friends for a night of fall-themed food and fun. Ask everyone to bring one of their favorite fall dishes. You can even have fall-themed games like apple-bobbing or pumpkin carving as part of the entertainment.

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