Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Deck

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Deck Every Illinois Homeowner Needs!

Is it time to dust off your Illinois deck for spring? These Midwestern winters can be tough on our yards here in Chicagoland. Luckily, a little seasonal maintenance can have your deck "right as rain" once the sun comes out! Take a look at what to do for a beautiful deck this spring if you're a Chicagoland homeowner.

Get Rid of the Residue

While snow and ice may melt, the dirt and minerals left behind will stay forever. Clear your deck of debris to prevent mold and rotting. That debris may also be trapping moisture that could harm your deck boards. Make sure that any lingering moisture is allowed to fall through your deck boards.

Repair Loose or Wobbling Deck Boards

Did you lose some deck boards this winter? Winter can really do a number on deck boards in a short amount of time because the cold, dry weather causes them to contract before expanding again in the spring. Do a search for any boards that have popped out. In most cases, you can simply nail them back in. However, missing or damaged boards should be replaced.

Consider a Power Washing

If your deck is looking dull, consider a professional power washing to remove deeply embedded dirt, grime, and debris. However, it's important to keep in mind that improperly power washing your deck can ultimately lead to damage. Talk with a professional about the best option for your deck. If your deck is made of synthetic boards, consider washing the deck using a soft-bristle brush with dish detergent.

Seal Your Deck

Deck sealing is an important part of spring maintenance. Sealing isn't recommended in the colder months because warmer temperatures actually help sealant to dry properly. Sealing your deck this spring will keep it protected against harsh weather while also keeping it looking newer for much longer.

Consider Deck Renovations

Have you been dreaming of upgrading your decking rails, adding custom deck lighting, creating an overhead above your deck, or adding built-in seats? Spring is the perfect time to give your deck a mini makeover to get it ready for fun and entertaining all summer long. A Chicagoland deck contractor will be able to help you design a plan for bringing out the full potential of your deck.

Get Your Deck Ready for Spring With Royal Deck

At Royal Deck, we help homeowners throughout the Chicago suburbs enjoy amazing decks by providing new deck constructions, deck upgrades, deck repairs, and deck maintenance. Let us help you wash away the harm that winter has done to your deck to create a perfect space for outdoor enjoyment all summer long. Contact Royal Deck of Naperville, Illinois!