The Many Uses Of Deck Skirting

Creating a beautiful deck for your home includes picking the right skirting for the system. Different types of skirting are available and can help you get the most use from the empty space underneath your deck.

Benefits Of Using Skirting On Your Deck System

All decks will have an empty space underneath them. This space can range from two to four feet in height. Your deck may also have varying heights of crawl space if you choose a multilayered deck system.

Putting up skirting around the base of your deck will provide you with the following benefits:

1. Prevent unwanted guests from "moving in" under your deck.

Wildlife will always look for shelter. Underneath your deck, when left open, creates a perfect place for these animals to find shelter. Closing off this area will prevent animals from moving in.

2. Safety

Closing off the area below your deck is a great way to prevent your kids from getting hurt. Face it, kids see an empty space to play, and they are going to go in there and explore and play. When this area is closed off, the risk and the temptation are eliminated.

3. Create a storage space

You can create outdoor storage space underneath your deck system by adding a small door to the deck skirting. This usually only works on deck systems that are set at four feet off the ground. While you can make storage space out of shorter crawl spaces, this makes it very difficult to get in and out of the storage area.

4. Gives your deck a complete appearance

When you have a skirt on your deck system, the appearance is complete. Open areas make the eyes look into the opening instead of at the deck system. When this area is covered, the entire deck is more aesthetically pleasing.

Many Styles Of Deck Skirting Are Available

There are four main types of skirting that are used for deck skirting:

* Lattice
* Vertical Board
* Horizontal Board
* Stone / Brick

You can also use a combination of these products to get the exact look you want for your deck area.

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