When Is It Time To Replace My Deck?

An outdoor deck area is something that can be enjoyed for many years. It is also a part of the home that requires continual upkeep and maintenance to stay safe and to look good. With time, many wooden deck areas need resurfacing or replacement.

But how can you tell if the deck needs to be repaired or replaced? There are three significant factors to consider.

The Material of Your Deck

Wooden decks are not all created the same. If a more porous wood has been used for the decking, it may be necessary to replace the deck because of extensive damage or rot to the wood. This is especially true if the wood has not been continually protected over the years. Harder woods or wood that has been treated each year will last longer.

Decks that are made from composite materials have a significantly longer life span. If the deck has a wooden base, only the base would need to be checked for safety issues and repair or replacement.

The Age of Your Deck

At Royal Deck, we have found that a deck's age plays an important role in replacing or repairing. If your deck is under 10 years old, there is a good chance that all you need to do is have the base checked for safety and resurface the rest of the deck.

Decks between 10 and 20 years old will need to be inspected. If the base is still sturdy and safe, you may be able to get a little longer lifespan out of your deck by resurfacing. However, if there are concerns with the base, it may be in the homeowner's best interest to consider replacing the entire structure.

Decks that are over 20 years old will most likely need to be replaced instead of resurfaced. Our experience at Royal Deck that decks of this age often have substantial safety concerns with the base of the deck and may no longer meet current building code standards.

End Goal of Homeowner

If the homeowner wishes to do a "quick refresh" on their deck area, a simple resurfacing is the best choice. If they need to address safety issues such as rotting wood planks or railings, the repair work may be more intense and require more thought to repair or replace. If the homeowner wants to make sure that the deck looks great and remains safe, then a full evaluation must be completed before any decision is made.

Royal Deck Gives Homeowners The Right Choices

At Royal Deck, we are committed to providing all of our clients with the best service in the industry. We know when you contact us to complete a repair or resurfacing on your deck that you expect us to be transparent about your deck's true condition.

We do not believe in performing a resurfacing service if we feel your deck's base is unsafe or no longer in compliance with building codes. And on the opposite side, we do not want to sell you a new deck system if all you need is some maintenance and resurfacing.

Our goal is to provide you with the exact services you need using the highest quality products and the most exceptional customer service that you will find in Naperville and the Great Chicagoland area.