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    Royal Deck proudly serves Bloomingdale, IL

    The city of Bloomingdale was settled in 1833. Located only 25 miles northwest from Downtown Chicago, Bloomingdale has seen more than its share of interesting things over the decades. You might say that things never really stopped blooming in Bloomingdale. Bloomington is also the home of the famous Stratford Square Mall that has over 150 specialty shops, many restaurants and major department stores.

    If you've ever driven around the 60108, 60117, 60157 and 60172 neighborhoods, you know that Bloomingdale residents take pride in cultivating beautiful properties. Countless yards here have beautiful touches like gazebo structures, enchanted pergola designs and louvered roofs that make their properties stunning. Are you wondering how to make your home one of the beauties of Bloomingdale? Getting your property to look its best often starts with finding the right deck builder to make some of your ideas come to life

    Transformations Happen With the Right Deck Builder in Bloomingdale, Illinois

    Can you guess the best type of deck for a home in Bloomingdale, Illinois? Here in the Midwest, our decks don't need the same things that decks might need in places like Florida, Arizona or California. The cold, hard winters of the Chicagoland area can be rough on decks. Homeowners simply had to deal with the fact that their wood decks didn't last very long up until recently. However, the introduction of composite deck materials has changed everything.

    Why are composite decks better for homes in the Midwest? Unlike wood, composite doesn't rot. It also doesn't have the same risks for moisture damage, wear and tear and termites that you get with wood decking. In addition, it holds up beautifully against the heavy ice and snow that pile on decks all winter long. In addition to lasting longer than wood decks, composite decks require less maintenance to stay beautiful. It's not necessary to feel like your deck is doomed if the home you're living in already has a deck that's too new to tear down. A process called deck resurfacing allows you to replace individual deck boards while keeping your existing frame for a "best of both worlds" update.

    Talk to a Deck Builder in Bloomingdale to Build a New Deck

    At Royal Deck, there's no limit to the custom decks we can design! As experts in decking in the Bloomingdale and Chicago areas, we're pros at building decks that are designed specifically for the local climate and conditions. Reach out today to get a deck quote in Bloomingdale, IL!