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Royal Deck proudly serves Buffalo Grove, IL

Located less than 30 miles from Chicago's downtown, Buffalo Grove, IL is a charming village that's split between Lake County and Cook County. For residents who call this quiet slice of idyllic neighborhoods and green spaces homes, it's no surprise that Buffalo Grove is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in Illinois, the Midwest, and the United States. While the population of Buffalo Grove is just over 43,200, locals feel as though they live in a place where everyone knows their neighbors.

For history buffs, Buffalo Grove is a fascinating spot. Its name is derived from the Potawatomi name for the Buffalo Creek that winds its way through parts of the village. After the Treaty of Chicago forced the Potawatomi westward, German immigrants began settling in the area for farming. Additionally, many English, French, and Scottish settlers moved into the area by way of New England after receiving land grants from the government. Settler came together to build a community consisting of various heritages and religions using the farmland and wilderness that surrounded their homesteads. By the 1850s, St. Mary's Church, Firnbach Taverns, and Weidner General Store helped to provide places for shopping, learning, and worshipping for residents. It also became common for families to take trips back and forth to Chicago for both selling wares and seeing the sights! In the 1900s, a combination of new highways and easier methods of construction meant that Buffalo Grove could now become a Chicago "suburb" that allowed for a thriving life with easy access to the city.

You Love Your Buffalo Grove Home: It's Time to Also Love Your Buffalo Grove Deck!

If you're like most Buffalo Grove residents, you feel proud and privileged to live in such an amazing community. The thrill of owning a home you love so close to the culture and industry of Chicago is something that few take for granted. That's exactly why you may be looking for the best composite deck company in Buffalo Grove to help you build a new beautiful composite deck or resurface your old wooden deck! Royal Deck is the premier deck builder serving 600069, 60089 in Buffalo Grove, and the rest of Chicagoland's zip codes. We are the Buffalo Grove custom deck builder and the Buffalo Grove deck resurfacing company your neighbors trust for quality materials and craftsmanship designed to stand up to the harsh climate in the Chicago area. For over 10 years, people who take pride in their Buffalo Creek homes have trusted Royal Deck to provide superior customer service, planning, and project completion.

Our Services: Have a Deck Built in Buffalo Grove

Royal deck offers new composite decks and deck resurfacing. We used high-quality decking materials to help keep your deck protected from rot, warping, mold, and premature deterioration. If you already have a deck that you're looking to have refurbished by a reputable deck company serving 600069 and 60089 zip codes, we offer a five-step resurfacing system that quickly rehabs older decks. Our licensed, bonded, and insured team is familiar with all local building codes for homes in Buffalo Grove and the Chicago suburbs. That's why Royal Deck is able to build new high quality composite decks and resurface old decks for homeowners in Buffalo Grove and the rest of Chicagoland. Our decks add value and beauty to your home!

Royal Deck offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work for our clients in Buffalo Grove, Naperville, and the rest of the Chicago suburbs. We're proud to say that 40% of our new clients are referred to us by previous clients! Contact us today for a free estimate to have a deck built or restored in Buffalo Creek, IL.