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    Royal Deck proudly serves Carol Stream, IL

    Carol Stream, Illinois, is a beautiful village that is in DuPage County. It is a suburb of Chicago and is named after the founder’s daughter. Carol Stream has a booming population and is constantly growing. If you are considering adding a deck to your home, you should consider getting Royal Deck to install a composite decking for you. Composite decking can create a beautiful deck that will last for many years and add value to your home.

    Why Go with Composite?

    There are many reasons why people are now choosing a composite deck. At Royal Deck, we understand the importance of having a quality deck that has many benefits. We also understand the importance of being environmentally friendly. Composite decks offer the following benefits to those living in 60116.

    • Environmentally friendly. The materials used to build a composite deck are made from environmentally friendly sourced woods and plastics. These materials would otherwise be thrown away and left at the local landfill. If you want to have something that was made with the environment in mind in 60128, you should definitely consider Royal Deck for all your deck builder needs.

    • Easy to clean. Regular wooden decks can be extremely difficult to clean. Things can get down in every crack and crevice, and as the wood ages, these cracks will get much worse. You may clean and clean, and your deck will still look bad. With a composite deck, it will be much easier to clean. Simple soap and water will be able to get anything off of your new decking.

    • Low maintenance. When you have a non-composite deck, you will have to do yearly maintenance, which includes sanding problem areas, painting, staining, and fixing issues. With a composite deck, you will not have to do much maintenance. You are not going to deal with splintering or any issue like having to stain or paint. This will help to save you time and money.

    • Safety. Composite decks are much safer than regular wooden decks as they will not splinter, and the boards will not become loose. If you want to avoid these issues, consider calling Royal Deck to install your new deck in 60188.

    Why Choose Royal Deck in Carol Stream?

    There are many deck-building companies out there, but you do not just want to hire anyone. It might even be tempting to create a deck yourself. However, a deck contractor will know all the ins and outs of deck building and will make sure that your new deck is built as it should. At Royal Deck, we have many years of experience and only have the best deck builders employed by us. In 60197, we offer not just composite decking. We also do deck resurfacing, gazebos, louvered roofs, gazebos, and pergolas. Whatever you need help with, we are here.

    If you need a deck in 60199, please give Royal Deck a call today. One of our friendly customer service agents will help you to schedule an appointment. At our appointment at your Carol Stream home, we will come out to speak with you about your needs and wants with your new deck.