Clean and Stain

All wood decks, regardless of the type of wood it was made from, will need to be refreshed periodically to retain its beauty. If your deck is in good repair but just looks a little worn due to the weather, you may benefit from our Royal Deck Clean and Stain service.

Royal Deck is pleased to offer a deep cleaning and staining service for your deck. We will come to your home and pressure cleans your deck to remove all the dirt build-up that occurs with time and weather conditions and then stain it with a protective coating to enhance its natural beauty.

Regular Maintenance Extends The Life Of Your Deck

If you have recently installed a wooden deck on your home, you will want to get as much use and enjoyment from it as possible. This deck area not only expands the enjoyment space at your home but also adds to the value of your house.

Your deck's upkeep should include regular sweeping to remove debris from your yard and yearly deep cleaning and staining. Deep cleaning of your deck through pressure cleaning will remove ground-in dirt and debris from use as well as spores and other outdoor contaminants that may affect the appearance of your deck.

Deep cleaning also helps you eliminate the build-up of mold, mildew, or algae that can naturally form on your deck due to weather changes during the year. These microscopic spores can build up over time, causing your wood to discolor and deteriorate and may even present a health problem.

Applying a fresh coat of stain will also enhance your deck's appearance while giving it a layer of added protection from the weather for the coming year.

Clean and Refresh Service Is Also A Good Time For Inspection

Royal Deck is a leading deck builder and restoration company that services the Chicagoland area. Our clients look to us to help them keep their decks safe and in compliance with local building codes. Everyone who has a deck wants to be able to get as much enjoyment out of it as the weather allows.

When we come to your home for a cleaning and staining service, we can also complete an inspection of your deck.

We can check the integrity of the structure of the deck, joists, and other parts of the substructure to ensure that they are safe and in compliance with local building codes. We can also check the integrity of your railings, steps, and floorboards to ensure that your deck is safe for use.

Are You Thinking About Selling Your Home?

If you are ready to put your home on the market, one selling point advantage would be to have a refreshed deck. A deck area is already a major selling point for a home. A home that has a beautiful deck area that has been recently cleaned and stained will be an exceptional selling point.

If you are ready to have your deck cleaned and stained, Royal Deck is ready to help. We provide a full-service cleaning and staining service to help you bring out the beauty of your deck area.

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