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    Royal Deck proudly serves Westmont, IL

    Anyone who has ever spent time in Westmont knows why it's considered one of the best places to live in Illinois. Westmont's urban-suburban landscape means that amazing restaurants, coffee shops and parks are always around the corner. However, this lovely village located 18 miles from the Chicago Loop offers the greenery and space people looking for that true feeling of home love! Incorporated in 1920, Westmont was considered Chicago's "Whiskey Hill" during the Prohibition era due to its robust liquor production. A spirit of neighborly camaraderie still flows all throughout this easy-to-live-in Chicagoland suburb! If you call Westmont home, you may be looking for a way to make your home even sweeter. Discover why contacting a local deck contractor is one of the first things many new buyers do after moving into the neighborhood.

    Finding a Deck Builder in Westmont, Illinois

    Driving around 60523 and 60559 neighborhoods is an exercise in admiring beautiful decks, gazebo designs, pergola structures, pavilions and louvered roofs. People really take pride in their Westmont homes because they are proud to live in such a vibrant metro area. However, anyone who has ever spent time in the Midwest understands that designing an outdoor deck you can love for many seasons to come goes way beyond just picking out an attractive design. Midwest decks take a lot of heat in the form of heavy snow, packed ice and drastic temperature swings. That's why composite decking is such a popular choice among savvy homeowners here in the Chicagoland area.

    While composite decking looks as beautiful as real wood, it outperforms wood decking when it comes to endurance, strength, safety and lifespan. Composite decking can last much longer than wood decking because it's not susceptible to water damage, warping and rot. It's also so easy to clean and maintain when compared to real wood! Even homeowners with existing wood deck structures that they aren't ready to part with can take advantage of composite decking using deck resurfacing techniques that rebuild using composite boards over an existing frame.

    There's no limit to what you can build when you have the right deck contractor outside of Chicago! Many homes in the area take advantage of the stunning Midwest seasons by building covered decks. Others make every season a season of relaxation by building a deck enclosure around a hot tub.

    You Deserve a Trustworthy Deck Contractor in Westmont, Illinois

    Building beautiful decks all throughout the Chicago suburbs, Royal Deck is the go-to deck contractor in Westmont. We help locals design stunning decks that are tailored to maximize each property's size and layout. We can add custom touches that simply make your deck the star of the neighborhood. Reach out to Royal Deck today if you're looking for the best deck builder in Westmont.