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    Royal Deck proudly serves Willowbrook, IL

    Willowbrook gives you a taste of village life just outside of Chicago. Named for the willow trees that brush the horizon over this idyllic landscape, Willowbrook is a newer village that was incorporated in 1960. While a population of 9,000 might seem tiny, that number has actually grown from just 167 residents.

    Wandering along Willowbrook's Route 83 allows locals to enjoy great shopping centers, stores, malls, restaurants and coffee shops. Of course, people throughout the 60154 and 60527 know that there's no better place for relaxation than the Willow Pond Park and Splash Pad. This taste of the cozy lifestyle just 20 miles from Chicago is what attracts both young professionals and retirees seeking what can only be called the best of both worlds in Chicagoland. It's obvious that people who call 60154 and 60527 home take immense pride in their properties. There's no doubt that you've seen the beautiful gazebo structures, pergola designs, pavilions and louvered roofs that pepper the lawns of Willowbrook while driving around. If you're putting down roots in Willowbrook, you may be wondering if there's a deck builder capable of helping you bring a new look to your yard in the form of a new deck, deck renovation or custom project.

    What Every Deck Builder in Willowbrook Wants You to Know

    If you're starting from scratch with a new deck in Willowbrook, there's a lot you need to know about owning a deck in Illinois. There's been a big shift to using composite deck materials instead of wood decking in recent years. The reason why is that composite decking is simply more durable against the rugged Midwestern climate. Unlike wood, composite isn't susceptible to mold and rot issues caused by moisture. Composite decking also handles the freeze-thaw cycle, extreme temperatures and weight from ice and snow better than wood decking. That means that you can enjoy a longer life for your deck with less maintenance. If you already have a wood deck at your home in Willowbrook that needs repairs, you can still benefit from an upgrade to a composite deck using something called deck resurfacing. This process involves replacing your planks with state-of-the-art composite decking without tearing down your existing frame.

    Talk to a Deck Builder in Willowbrook, Illinois

    If you're ready to create a space for relaxation and entertaining that allows you to enjoy your Willowbrook home to its full potential, it's time to talk to a deck builder in the Chicago area. Serving all Chicago suburbs, Royal Deck has helped many of your neighbors in Willowbrook build beautiful composite deck designs. We'll help you create a custom space that offers the upgrades and touches you want for adding a "wow factor" to your home! Contact us today.