2022 Outdoor Living Trends

The demand for deck areas by homeowners continues to increase this year with one significant change. Most homeowners are looking to customize their decks instead of just building a standard deck area. A custom deck not only enhances the user's experience with the deck but increases the value of your home and is more aesthetically pleasing.

The Latest Trends In Custom Composite Decking

Divided Spaces

By using railings or a split-level design, many custom decks are now sectionalizing the deck area to give it a more functional look. You can split the outdoor cooking area from the relaxation area. You can even create different zones for entertainment.

The divided spaces can also be partitioned with a pergola so that you can have a private area away from the other space. You may also want to consider a partial louvered roof system for the deck to distinguish the different areas.

Lighting Features

Using different lighting features on your deck can really enhance the appearance and use of your deck area. Lights strategically placed in the stairs or around the deck can be very eye-appealing and provide additional safety for you when you use the deck at night. Lights placed in the louvered roofing system ensure that you can use your deck whenever you desire.

Enhancing Function With Composite Furniture And Accessories

Using the same composite materials that are being used to build your deck, you can create additional features for your deck that give it a flowing appearance. You can create outdoor furniture, storage areas, shelving or cabinetry, and even flower boxes and plant shelves that all match your deck.

Why Use Composite Material Instead Of Wood?

Homeowners demand two things: durability and low maintenance. Composite materials offer both. Composite materials have a life span that is double or more than that of regular wood. Some materials even have guarantees for up to 40 years. Under the best circumstances, Wood decks have a life span of 10 to 15 years.

Composite decking is also very easy to maintain. You can clean it easily with water and a gentle cleanser, and it dries quickly in any weather. Both of these issues add value to the deck system.

When You Want A Custom Composite Deck

If you are ready to begin your new custom deck project for 2022, the first thing to do is call Royal Deck. Royal Deck is a leading provider of custom deck construction services in the Chicagoland area. For over a decade, they have been constructing beautiful custom composite decks.

We will gladly send a rep to your home to discuss with you your plans for a deck system. We will take measurements and look at different designs with you to find the right fit. Royal Deck will then provide you with an in-depth quote for the construction of your new deck. Once you approve the quote, we can begin construction immediately.