Four Ideas to Cover Dirt Under Your Deck

What You Can Do to Cover the Dirt Underneath Your Deck

Decks provide homeowners with a place to relax, lounge, or even work in a peaceful setting. They're commonly added to new and old homes, and can even be found in condominiums.

Do you have a deck in your home? If so, you might have pondered about the things that you could do with that extra space underneath it. The ground below can sometimes be or become an eyesore, overfilled with dirty weeds, or items accidentally dropped from above that are difficult to reach. What can be done about this?

The good thing is that there are numerous ways that you can tidy up this portion of your deck's space. If you want to impress other residents in your cul-de-sac, consider some of the following ideas to get the underside of your deck looking good again.

Covering Dirt Under Your Deck - Useful Ideas

1. Plant Vegetation - This works best if your deck is situated in a position that allows sunlight to reach the underside for at least a couple of hours in the day. Adding plants is a great way to boost the look for this area. Just be careful what plants you do end up choosing. One common idea is the use of plants that can grow the outer portion of the deck's bottom. But in some cases, adding a couple of bushes might do the trick. You'll have to perform upkeep to keep the plants from dying, so be sure to periodically water them.

2. Add Gravel or Mulch - Placing gravel under the deck is probably the easiest solution. Mulch is a direct alternative and prevents the unwanted growth of weeds. Depending on the weather, the gravel could last for a very long time without you needing to replace it, as will mulch. Plus, both are equally easy to purchase online and in physical store locations.

3. Use Skirting - Have you ever seen a home that you know was built without a solid foundation? Skirting is sometimes used in houses like this, though you could easily have it installed around your deck. It's great for keeping weeds, insects, and other small animals from making a home under your deck. Get an install completed or try it yourself if you're the DIY type.

4. Create a Space for Your Storage - Extra storage is never a bad thing. You may find that the underside of the deck offers the most convenient storage for all of your lawn equipment and other tools. Even better would be to have the ground filled with concrete to keep what's being stored there creating mud later down the line. If your deck is tall and wide enough, a small tool shed could suffice, so long as it doesn't get in the way of what's above it, of course.

Summary - Be Creative

As shown, there are plenty of ways to keep your deck's underside from looking unkempt. Try out the ideas shown above, create your own, or incorporate them into one. The options for a prettier deck are unlimited.