What Railings Should I Use For My Deck?

Railings are a requirement for all decks for safety reasons. The building codes in your area will require railings of a specific height to protect your family and friends from accidents on your deck. Railings, however, offer more than just safety for homeowners. Your railings can enhance the visual beauty of your deck area, form partitions in your deck area to create separate spaces, and even add security features for your home.

Selecting the right railings for your deck will be based on your preferences. Just as long as you meet the building code guidelines for height and bar spacing if you use railings with bars, the rest is up to your desires.

The Three Most Popular Railing Types

Composite Railings

Composite railings are the most common types of railings used for decks because the materials match the deck exactly. Composite railings generally have the same warranties as the composite deck, are easy to keep clean, and are made from environmentally-friendly materials.

Aluminum Railings

Aluminum railings are also a very popular choice for homeowners that want a versatile and low-maintenance railing for their deck. Aluminum railings are powder coated so that they do not rust or become discolored. You can purchase these railings in a variety of styles and match them to railings you use in other areas of your home.

Crystal Railings

Perhaps one of the most stunning types of railings to use on your deck area, crystal railings are clear panes of tempered glass that are strategically installed as railings. These railings can be enhanced with LED lighting to create a beautiful look for your home.

Of course, these stunning panels will be the most expensive of all the railing choices. However, if you are looking to make your deck area look elegant, this is the only choice.

Work With Your Deck Builder To Find The Right Railings

One of the services that your composite deck builder should provide is a choice of railing systems for your home. They should be able to give you a virtual look at what each type of railing would look like on your deck so that you can heave the ultimate deck system for your home.

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