Advantages of Installing a Deck with Picture Frame

Advantages of Installing a Deck with Picture Frame

A new composite deck is an excellent addition to any home. It adds value to your home and makes a perfect outdoor space for gathering with friends and family. Through the years, deck building techniques, materials and styles have changed. Many Chicago area homeowners are choosing to upgrade their old wooden decks to a “picture frame” composite deck with deck lighting and nice railings. This is an excellent choice, and Royal Deck thinks you should consider it if you need to update your old deck or if you are thinking about starting fresh with a new state-of-the-art composite deck.

What Is a Picture Frame Deck?

In the past, decks were built so that the cut ends of the joists were exposed. A picture frame deck uses decorative edging that overhangs and hides the joists. This type of deck adds visual interest by creating lines that change direction. You can also choose an artistic design that is similar to parquet flooring. The boards can be designed to draw attention to features of the home or elements in the landscape. You can also use a double or triple board for the frame or different types of wood for contrast. A picture frame deck lets you take your outdoor space to a new level of artistry.

Advantages of Picture Frame Composite Deck Installation

One of the advantages of picture frame composite decks is that they created a lip where dirt and debris would pile up. A picture frame composite deck can be designed so that the edge is smooth, allowing leaves and debris to blow gently off the edge. This makes it easier to clean and helps prevent rot from moisture trapped in leaves or dirt. A picture-framed composite deck also adds an element of safety. The framing creates a visual contrast that can help highlight elements like steps or changes in level. This can be especially helpful for those that are visually impaired or who might be unfamiliar with the home. Picture framing is a beautiful way to create a unique composite deck. You can also use the picture framing to incorporate natural elements, like a favorite tree or boulder. You can create the deck around it with a frame for a unique look that adds character to your space. Picture framing adds almost endless possibilities for variety and creates a unique design.

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Deck building techniques and trends continually change, and Royal Deck has seen these transformations in the industry. We have over ten years of experience designing and building composite decks in the Chicagoland area. If you have an older deck and want to give it an upgrade with a picture frame composite deck, our team can help you with everything from the design process through finishing. Contact us at Royal Deck, and we can help you get started.