The Many Virtues of Enclosing a Deck

Spending time on your deck with family and friends is an excellent way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. A deck adds value to your home and lets you get the most enjoyment from it. Enclosing your deck lets you take it to the next level and transform it into an all-season room that you can enjoy all year. Royal Deck can help you transform your Chicagoland deck into a cozy retreat.

Types of Deck Enclosures

You have many choices when it comes to enclosing your deck. If you still want to enjoy the fresh, open air but do not want to be bothered by insects, a screened enclosure might be the best route. You can be protected from rain, pollen, and insects, but you can still capture the feeling of being outdoors. The roof will help you stay cool in summer.

The disadvantage of a screened enclosure is that you still cannot use it in the winter. You can also design a deck with sliding window panels that can be opened to reveal screens. This helps you transform your enclosed deck into a three-season room. You can also add an indoor wood stove or electric fireplace to make it a cozy sanctuary. Many Chicagoland homeowners choose to add features like rolling glass screens, a full glass enclosure, or transform their deck into a solarium.

Why Enclose Your Deck?

Enclosing your deck allows you to enjoy it every season of the year. You can enjoy the feeling of the outdoors without the nuisances of pollen, animals, and insects. An enclosed deck can be used as a sunroom filled with plants, or you can create a cozy reading nook. You can add a dining table, making it the perfect space for family gatherings and entertaining.

Adding an enclosed deck to your home can also add value because it transforms the space and allows it to be used any time of the year, and not just in summer. An enclosed deck can look as if it was a part of your home all along and complements the architecture. An enclosed deck is an excellent transition space between the interior of your home and your outdoor garden.

The best part is that you have many design options available. An experienced designer can help give your deck the upgrade that it needs in a way that enhances the beauty and value of your home.

Why Royal Deck in Naperville?

Royal Deck has over a decade of experience designing decks and outdoor spaces in the Chicago area. Our team will meet with you to help you design your dream enclosed deck, and we take it from there. If you have been thinking about an enclosed deck, deck resurfacing, or building a new deck, contact Royal Deck, and we can help you get started.