Composite Decking Brands 2022: Guide and Comparisons

Composite Decking Brands 2022: Guide and Comparisons

Composite decks have increased in popularity because of their lifespan and their easy maintenance. Homeowners who install a composite deck system can expect to have full use of their deck for at least 25 years which is ten or more years longer than regular wooden decks.

There are several manufacturers of composite deck materials. Which brand you select for your deck will be based on your specific needs. Differences in the manufacturers can conclude different styles of planks, matching accessories, composite blends, and warranties.

Many of the manufacturers offer at least three levels of composite boards ranging from regular to medium to high-grade boards. Most of the manufacturers that offer high-grade boards provide a 50-year warranty for the materials.

Top 4 Composite Board Manufacturers


Fiberon is one of the top composite board manufacturers. They have a very large selection of colors and styles of boards available in three qualility levels. Fiberon also offers:

• Matching accessories for your home and deck area
• 50-year warranty on their highest quality materials
• High end boards are double-sided for more eye appeal

Fiberon is made from 96 percent recycled materials, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.

Moisture Shield

Moisture Shield has been manufacturing composite boards for over 30 years that are designed specifically for high moisture or high humidity areas. Their product has been shown to avoid absorbing moisture so well that it can be used to build projects underwater.

• Offers several different board styles
• Has "Diamond Defense" that protects against scratches
• Offers a 50 year structural warranty on highest quality boards

While Moisture Shield is perfect around water areas, pools, and high moisture weather areas, it also has a tendency to fade a little faster than other manufactured boards.

Cali Bamboo

You have probably heard of the name when it comes to interior bamboo flooring. Cali Bamboo, however, also offers a limited line of composite decking. They have two levels of decking materials and a limited amount of colors to choose from. However, the high-end boards offered by Cali Bamboo are the most scratch and fade-resistant boards on the market and have a structural integrity that is two times stronger than any other board on the market.

• Both board styles are made from 100 percent recycled materials
• Uses a hidden fastener system for more eye appeal
• Expands about 25 percent less than other boards

Cali Bamboo deck bards are designed to last under even the most extreme conditions.


Trex composite boards are the most popular boards with homeowners because they are very affordable, have many design options, and have three levels of quality. Trex boards are the most used boards in the building industry.

• Has a 25 year warranty on all quality levels of boards
• Made from 95 percent recycled materials
• Very easy to maintain

Trex boards are often the boards used on home improvement shows and DIY programs because of their versatility.

If You Have Questions

If you have any questions about the type of composite boards to use on your custom deck project, speak with one of the staff members of Royal Deck. Royal Deck is a leading custom composite deck builder in the Chicagoland area.