Do Decks Have Warranties?

Do decks come with warranties? You know that a deck is an investment in the value and beauty of your home. It makes sense for warranties to cover your investment. The fact is that many deck materials do come with warranties. Work may also be covered in some situations. However, warranty trends are pretty nuanced. Here's what to keep in mind as you plan your deck project:

• Don't automatically be dazzled by longer warranties. A deck warranty is only as valuable as the quality of the coverage provided.
• While some warranties cover full replacement costs with labor included, others only cover materials.
• Not every warranty covers "aesthetics."
• While some warranties are transferable when you sell your house, others aren't.

Going over warranty information with a company that's done warranty-backed work using materials from all the major decking manufacturers is the easiest way to make sense of all the fine print. The biggest thing to know is that working with a reputable contractor is the surest way to get your warranty honored if any part of your decking system should prematurely fail or deteriorate. Next, take a look at what every homeowner needs to know about deck warranties before putting down a single plank!

Do Wood Decks Have Warranties?

Wood decks don't typically have manufacturer warranties. Generally, decking materials come from different manufacturers when creating a custom deck. The longevity of a wood deck varies based on the type of wood being used, local weather conditions and the level of care given for maintenance. Most wood decks will last between 15 and 30 years when installed properly. The benefit of working with a reputable contractor instead of going with a do-it-yourself deck build is that you'll be provided with a warranty on all workmanship.

Do Composite Decks Have Warranties?

You can usually expect a hardy warranty that comes directly from the manufacturer when you choose a composite deck. A company like Trex provides 25-year limited warranties for its planks, trims, railings and other products. Generally, composite decking from reputable brands like Trex will outlive these warranties. However, it's nice to have more than two decades of assurance as you enjoy your deck.

Do Vinyl Decks Have Warranties?

Yes, most vinyl and plastic decking products come with warranties. Popular brands like Tufdek and Duradek offer standard 15-year warranties. Warranties for vinyl decks typically only cover waterproofing.

Does Steel Deck Framing Come With a Warranty?

Yes, steel deck framing provided by major brands will usually come with a warranty. A 25-year limited warranty is the industry standard. Steel typically outlives options like lumbar and PVC because it doesn't decompose or warp.

The Most Important Thing to Know About Deck Warranties

Like all manufacturer warranties, deck warranties are only valid if a deck has been properly installed using the correct methods and tools. Failure to install a deck properly could void your warranty. Many homeowners find themselves in "pickles" after do-it-yourself deck builds precisely for this reason. In addition to having a deck that's damaged due to improper installation, these homeowners are also left to foot the bill for repair or replacement costs. Don't assume that a warranty is there to cover "user error" if you decide to build a deck on your own.

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