Do I need lighting on my deck?

When you are planning your new deck, one of the options to consider is lighting. If you are thinking that you may come back and retrofit your deck for lighting at a later time, you may wish to reconsider. Five good reasons you should install lighting when you build your custom deck include:

Building Codes

Many local building codes require that outdoor stairs have a light at the top of the staircase for safety reasons. Many areas have additional light requirements for stairs. Putting in all of your lighting at once keeps your deck uniform in appearance while meeting building codes. Royal Deck will always check the local building codes before building your custom deck to ensure that your deck is in compliance.

More Time To Enjoy Your Deck

When you have lighting attached to your custom deck, you can spend more time outdoors enjoying this entertainment area.

Why limit yourself to only being on your deck during the day?


Having deck lighting protects you and your guests. The lighting will distinguish the railing areas and the stairs so that no one will misjudge the areas and fall. Having your railings lit up also encourages people to use the railings when using the stairs, adding to the overall safety of the deck.


If you can light up your deck and make it look amazing, why not also benefit from the added security it provides your home? You can turn on your deck lighting to light up your backyard area and prevent any intruders from entering the area.

Saves Money

It may not seem like it will cost more to install lighting, but it usually does, even if you are a DIY person. Installing the lighting while it is being built means that the installation and supplies costs are all rolled into the deck price.

Royal Deck Offers A Large Variety Of Lighting Options

Royal Deck is a leading builder of custom composite decks in the Chicagoland area. Royal Deck has been working with homeowners for over a decade and helping them achieve their dreams of a beautiful outdoor entertainment space.

When you are planning out the design of your deck, Royal Deck will present to you many different lighting options to help enhance your deck area. These lighting features will meet all building codes and standards and enhance your deck system's beauty and function.

If you are ready to build a new deck on your home, call Royal Deck today. We will gladly provide you with a comprehensive quote for our services. We offer 100 percent satisfaction for all of our services. We know that you will love what we have to offer for an outdoor entertainment space.