When and why do you need to install an ADA-compliant handrail on a residential deck?

When and why do you need to install an ADA-compliant handrail on a residential deck?

If you are getting ready to install a new deck, or you are preparing to sell your home that has a deck, you may need to install ADA-compliant handrails on your deck system. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that any stair system with four or more stairs have graspable handrails.

What Are Graspable Deck Handrails?

A graspable handrailing is defined as a railing that can easily be grasped or held in anyone's hand. The handrailing must be secured to a structure so that it does not move, and it should be smooth to the touch to allow the hand to slide along the railing if necessary.

Graspable handrails are usually round handrails that are no larger than 2 inches in diameter so that anyone can easily grasp them and use them for assistance. These handrails are located underneath the top of your railing system so that they are low enough for children to reach. The exact heights for these railings are located within your local building codes.

Many deck systems have railings that go down the sides of their stairs that have a flat wooden top to them. This has been a standard practice for many years. However, these flat railings are not designed to be held onto when using the stairs. Most people slide their hands over the rails if they use them at all. The law requires that there are graspable handrails for those who need assistance.

Adding These Deck Rails Has Benefits

In addition to being compliant with the ADA, adding these new handrails to your deck system has benefits. Children and seniors that need help can easily use these rails to enter and exit your deck safely, and it never hurts to have additional safety features on your deck.

The great news is that you only need to install these railings on one side of your stairs, making the project easy to complete and inexpensive.

Need Help With Making Your Deck Area ADA Compliant?

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