Five Tips to Keep Your Composite Deck Looking New Throughout the Year

Five Tips to Keep Your Composite Deck Looking New Throughout the Year

Composite deck material is an excellent choice for beauty and durability. You can find many different styles available to match the architecture of your home and your personal taste. Composite decks can last for decades, and even though they are virtually maintenance-free, there are still a few things that you need to do to keep them looking their best. Here are five tips for keeping your composite deck looking new any season of the year.

1. Keep It Clean

Composite deck is resistant to stains, but oils and certain types of foods can still leave a stain. In some cases, they can even penetrate the inner layers of the material and cause permanent damage. Failure to clean up spills and oils in a timely manner can void the warranty that comes with your deck. The best thing to use to clean up spills is dishwashing detergent or another degreasing product.

2. Avoid Sharp Tools

When clearing your decks of ice and snow, it is important not to use a sharp shovel or another sharp tool. If you gouge the composite decking through to the inner layers, it can cause permanent damage. The outer layer of composite decking is resistant to scratches, but a deep gouge can allow moisture into the inner layer. Snow and ice do not damage your deck, but if you must remove it, using calcium chloride is an excellent choice.

3. Be Cautious with Pressure Washers

A pressure washer is an excellent way to keep your deck clean, but you need to be careful when using it on composite deck material. It is recommended that you avoid using a fan tip and that you keep the settings below 1,300 PSI. You should keep the tip of the nozzle at least one foot away from the deck surface. If you need to remove a difficult stain or piece of debris, you can use a soft brush to loosen it.

4. Deck Brightener

It is recommended that you clean your composite deck at least two or three times a year. Spring and fall are excellent times to get your deck ready for the next season. It is also recommended that you purchase a deck brightener and apply it to the surface of the deck as soon as you clean it. These products contain oxalic acid that will remove stains. They will also protect the deck surface to prevent stains throughout the year.

5. Remove Mold and Mildew

Many composite deck materials are designed to resist mold and mildew. However, if you allow debris to collect in a corner or build-up, mold or mildew can begin to grow. If this is allowed to continue, then it can cause permanent stains or damage to your deck. The first step to keep mold and mildew away is to regularly clean your deck and not allow debris to build up. If it does happen, you should use mild soap or dish soap to clean your deck.

Now, you have five tips for keeping your composite deck looking new. Following these steps will help you get a long life from your deck and keep your warranty intact.

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