Four Ideas for an Incredible Deck

Four Ideas for an Incredible Deck

Style doesn't end at the threshold to your back door. That's why you need a deck with the "wow" factor. Decks are increasingly becoming "home extensions" that satisfy the need for a personal sanctuary that's perfect for relaxing, entertaining and enjoying the seasons./

Homeowners often struggle with finding realistic inspiration for how to make their decks stand out. Making your deck the best destination at your home can be easy once you understand how to marry form and function to create a better outdoor experience. Are you planning a new deck in Naperville, IL? Take a look at four ways you can make your deck project stand out.

Add a Beverage Station

Why not make your gathering place the best watering hole in the neighborhood? It's actually very easy to add a built-in beverage station/bar when building a new deck because you can use the same type of wood material that's being used for your decking to build a bar structure into your interior ledge. The result is a seamless "outdoor room" that offers an organized, "artisan" space for serving up drinks. You can even add some electrical outlets for whipping up smoothies and snacks!

Add a Privacy Screen

Trying to add screens and curtains to an existing deck can create a sloppy look. A new deck build is an opportunity to add some built-in privacy screens using the same materials that are being used for your decking. Building custom architectural supports where fabric or plastic privacy screens can be placed creates a pseudo-sunroom look without the cost or extra taxes that go along with building an actual addition. A custom wood-slat screen can also be a great way to finish off, close off and enhance a beautiful deck!

Splurge on Outdoor Lighting

Guests won't be able to marvel at your beautiful deck if they're squinting their eyes in the dark to try to make out its shape! Vibrant and strategic deck lighting is one of the best investments for making a spotlight-stealing deck that stands out when the natural light fades. Build lighting into steps, posts, post caps and more to help define the contours of your deck. In addition to making your deck appear bigger and brighter, outdoor lighting enhances safety.

Maximize Your Deck's Perimeter With Benches

Keep crowding from deck chairs out of the picture by adding custom built-in benches all around your deck's perimeter. While built-in benches provide tons of seating, they don't make your deck seem any smaller due to the fact that they are seamlessly built into the edges of the deck using the same decking material. This is one of the best tricks for creating a modern, spacious deck without sacrificing seating.

Explore the Limitless Possibilities When Building a Deck in Naperville, Illinois

At Royal Deck, we help our clients discover just how limitless their yards can be with stunning deck designs that stand out. We can help you build a house-changing deck of any size. Start planning your deck transformation at your home in the Chicagoland area today by calling or texting (331) 385-0737 for a free deck consultation with Napervile's deck experts.