Composite Deck vs Wooden Deck

Why Choose Composite Deck Over Traditional Wooden Deck Much planning goes into the planning and design of outdoor structures for your home or business. Not only must you consider size, spacing, and design options for a deck or patio, there is also the consideration of the building materials. The same is also true if you are building a handsome outdoor gazebo or pavilion.

First of all, let's get some definitions out of the way regarding outdoor living areas.

Deck: Do you know that the word "deck" actually morphed from its use on a ship? Most dictionaries will describe a deck as "a structure of planks or plates, approximately horizontal, extending across a ship or boat at any of various levels, especially one of those at the highest level and open to the weather."

Today, a deck is more often associated with an outside living area added to the outside of a home or business, and its purpose is to provide additional living and entertaining areas outdoors.

Composite: The word composite is a relative of the word compose and composition. A composition is a combination of items that have been intentionally composed.

Composite Deck: With the preceding information, you've likely - and correctly - come to the conclusion that composite decks are made from a combination of various materials. Most composite decks are made completely of plastic and synthetic materials; however, there are some varieties that contain a small amount of wood or wood pulp as a portion of the contents.

The Superiority and Benefits of Choosing Composite Deck

We all know that wood is beautiful, but wood is not entirely resistant to the elements, especially moisture. Conversely, composite deck is very beneficial because it doesn’t absorb the weather elements, random stains, or any kind of moisture. Hence, there are no worries about it warping after a heavy rain or a very humid climate. It also won't absorb a huge Hi-C punch or wine stain that may challenge its surface.

Composite deck can be purchased already in your color choice, which does away with the matter of painting. Painting is a huge time consumer and the price for paint continues to skyrocket. When you construct a composite deck, there are no future worries about having to repaint or maintain the surface of your deck every year.

Ultimately, the most critical consideration crossing your mind about composite deck is the safety of this material when your loved ones are crawling, lying, or even falling on the surface. Few people have ever escaped the pain of a huge or even tiny wood splinter that is inevitable from wooden decks. There are no such worries with composite decking. Composite decks do not have screws or nails that are prone to working themselves upward out of the wood and causing injury. Composite decks are also less slippery when wet than painted wooden surfaces so there are likely to be fewer falls. You can rest assured that OSHA and other administrative agencies have tested these materials to make sure they are non-carcinogenic and non-toxic to persons of all ages.

Need More Information?

By now you may be curious about exploring this option for your deck. Royal Deck is ready and eager to provide a free, no obligation estimate to make your composite deck dreams a reality.