Trex vs Deckorators: Cost, Durability and Pros & Cons

Trex vs Deckorators: Cost, Durability and Pros & Cons

Now that you have decided to build a custom composite deck, the next thing you must do is select the materials you will want to be used for the project. The two leading manufacturers of composite deck material are Trex and Deckorators. Each company has advantages and disadvantages. Which one you ultimately pick will be based on your specific needs.

Trex vs. Deckorators

When you select the boards that will be used for your deck, you will find that there are four levels of quality and several different styles. Deckorators offers the most styles with eight different boards available. Trex only offers four styles.

Both companies offer a different level of durability, ranging from average to their best boards. The best boards are a proprietary blend of composite materials with mineral-based composite materials added for strength and durability. Trex adds this mineral base to all of its boards, with some having more additives than others.

To make things a little more confusing, each level of the board will also have different styles. Of course, the better the board is, the more variety you will have to choose from.


The warranty that is offered on a product can be a deciding factor. Trex offers a standard 25-year warranty on all of their boards regardless of quality level. The Trex warranty is non-transferable and does not provide coverage for ground or groundwater contact damage on any of its products.

Deckorators offers a standard 25-year warranty on all of their basic boards that cover fading, stains, or structural issues with their boards. If you purchase one of their enhanced boards with the mineral additives have extended warranties of 50 years. Deckorators warranty does include ground and groundwater damage.


If you are searching for composite boards that have matching accessories like fascia, railings, cladding, and even lighting fixtures for your deck, then you may be more inclined to go with Trex. Trex has an extensive line of accessories, whereas Deckorators has a very limited offering.

Final Decision

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