Four Ways to Create Your Backyard Oasis in Illinois

Four Ways to Create Your Backyard Oasis in Illinois

Stop envying other people's yards! All that space you're not utilizing could easily be transformed into an oasis for relaxing, entertaining and inducing envy in all who visit! A backyard oasis is more attainable than people realize. In fact, focusing on one key element that makes a yard stand out is enough to turn a space from drab to dazzling. Get inspired by four easy ways to turn your yard into the place where people want to gather.

Add Planter Borders Around Your Deck

Built-in planters made from the same material as your deck can turn an ordinary yard into a garden wonderland. Having built-in planters constructed as borders for your deck brings in lush elements of nature. This feature is also very easy to manage and maintain. Yes, you'll be dazzling guests with your custom deck look. However, you'll also be able to enjoy the fruits of having beautiful herb and flower gardens offering goodies to be plucked and picked right outside your back door.

Build a Shade Pergola

A pergola is the easiest way to turn an ordinary yard into a resort space. Pergolas conjure up feelings of carefree relaxation. They also provide shade without fully blocking out the warmth of the sun. Adding a pergola is a great hack for making your home feel bigger because it creates the feeling of an extra "outside room." In fact, a pergola can be a great alternative to a sunroom addition if you're not interested in the construction costs and increased property taxes that go along with a true addition.

Sprinkle in Some Custom Deck Benches

How do you make a deck look bigger, smoother and uncluttered? You swap bulky deck furniture for built-in benches. The chore of cleaning, storing and replacing deck seating never ends! What's more, putting away, stacking or tying down deck chairs every time a storm pops up in the forecast can be frustrating. A better solution for ample outdoor seating is to have built-in deck benches built. Offering a custom look, deck benches allow you to add as much seating as you want without feeling like your deck is getting crowded with furniture.

Design a Private Reading Nook

Private backyard reading nooks are becoming more popular as people look for "escapes" they can enjoy at home. There are many different ways to create a nook. The first is to actually build a private "gazebo-style" addition to an existing open-aired deck. You can also add a small, covered "fairy deck" to a far part of the yard away from the home. Some people also add a bit of decking overlooking the garden to create a picture-perfect reading spot among the butterflies and squirrels.

Are You Ready to See What Your Yard Can Look Like?

If you're ready to turn a bland yard into a backyard oasis with a "wow" factor, it's time to bring in Royal Deck in Naperville, Illinois. We specialize in backyard transformations of all scopes and sizes. One custom element is all it takes!