How Long Do Decks Last?

One of the first things that our clients ask is, "How long does a deck last?" The answer to this question will depend on the materials you use for the deck and the quality of the construction.

Deck Materials

A standard wooden deck will last a homeowner an average of 10-25 years. This will depend on the type of wood chosen and the weather conditions in the area where the deck was built. Areas with heavy snow and ice may cause the wooden decks to become unstable at a faster rate.

Decks constructed with composite materials, like the decking materials offered by Royal Deck, often come with manufacturer guarantees of 25 -50 years on the materials. This is significantly better than using wood for your decking. When you use a professional custom deck builder like Royal Deck, you can also expect the construction quality to match the warranty period of your deck materials.

Deck Construction

How a deck is built can also play a large part in the deck's lifespan. Taking the extra steps to ensure that the structure is secured properly in the ground and will not be damaged by weather conditions will help keep the deck's structural integrity safe for many years.

Taking extra steps such as putting in weed barriers under the base of the deck and using the proper hardware to build the unit will also increase the use and lifespan of the deck.

The only way to ensure that your deck will last for many years is to rely on a quality custom builder like Royal Deck when you have your deck installed. Royal Deck uses high-quality hardware to build all of its decks and takes all the extra precautions to ensure that the decks are built to last.

Royal Deck also works in strict compliance with local building codes. Decks must meet all current building codes for safety and longevity. All building codes are checked before construction. Royal Deck is pleased to say that they consistently exceed the building code expectations.

Royal Deck Is The Leading Composite Deck Builder In The Chicagoland Area

Royal Deck has been building custom decks for homeowners throughout the Chicagoland area for over a decade. Our exceptional attention to detail, use of composite materials over wood decking, and ability to meet the needs of our clients have made us a builder of choice by homeowners.

If you are interested in building a new deck on your home, we encourage you to call Royal Deck. We will gladly send a representative to your home to see what you are looking for in a deck area, take measurements, check the soil, and review designs with you. We will then provide you with a comprehensive quote for our services and an anticipated start date. Upon approval, we will build you the deck of your dreams.