Selecting The Best Composite Decking Color For Your Home

Selecting The Best Composite Decking Color For Your Home

When you have decided to build a custom composite deck for your home, after choosing a design for the deck, you will need to select the color for the composite boards. Since composite materials are created materials and not just natural wood, there are many different colors to choose from for your boards.

When it comes to color schemes, composite boards usually come in three colors - each with a wide variety of hues. The basic colors for composite boards are:
- Grey
- Brown
- Red

Grey composite boards can range from a washed-out grey that almost looks like driftwood to solid steel greys. Brown is available in hues from a light tan color to rich dark chocolate, and reds range from deep brick red colors to warm red colorings.

The composite board color that you select will be based on several factors.

Color Of Your Home

The color of your home will have a lot to do with the color you select for your boards. A little bit of contrast between the deck and the house will be very eye-appealing and give a distinction between the two areas. Matching colors between the home and deck give a smooth appearance and creates a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor areas. The choice is ultimately yours on what type of look you desire for your home.

Weather Conditions

If you live in an area that has a lot of sunlight, you may want to consider a lighter shade for your deck boards because they will not absorb as much heat as darker boards. In areas with less sun and cold weather, selecting darker hues for the panels can help your deck area stay warmer as the dark will absorb more heat.

Home Location

The location of your home may also need to be considered for your deck color. If your home is on a wooded lot or near a wooded area, you may want to have darker or more natural colors for your deck area so that it can blend into the surroundings easily. On the contrary, if you live on a lake or have oceanfront property, you may want to use much lighter colors so that they can blend with the water and beach areas.

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