The Advantages of Using Cable Railings on Your Deck

The Advantages of Using Cable Railings on Your Deck

You've probably seen the modern, clean-looking cable railings that are so popular on decks right now. Many homeowners are left wondering if this is an option that's available to them when building or revamping a deck. While cable railings create a very high-end look, they are actually among the easiest options homeowners can choose. You don't want to overlook this option if you're having a new deck built in the Chicago area. Take a look at the four advantages of using cable railings on your deck.


When installed properly by qualified Chicagoland deck builders, cable railings offer tension and strength that can easily last for decades. Cable railings also require virtually no maintenance due to the fact that they are often made with marine-grade stainless steel that's highly resistant to rust and corrosion. That means that little more than regular washings are required to keep these railings looking pristine for years to come. Homeowners here in Illinois and the rest of the Midwest should give cable railings extra consideration due to the fact that they are truly ideal for handling the harsh weather in this portion of the country.

Great Views

Are you building a deck that is intended to help you enjoy views from your Illinois property? Homeowners on properties overlooking lakes, hills, or forestry adore cable deck railings because they allow for unobstructed views. They turn an average home into a "resort" experience when done properly!


Something that many homeowners have come to appreciate about cable deck railings is the way they fit so nicely with all home styles. The obvious fit for a deck made with cable railings is a contemporary home. You're getting clean lines on top of clean lines when you add cable railings to a modern home. However, cable railings also pair beautifully with all different home styles because they introduce a modern element that reinterprets what a property can be. Don't assume that cable deck railings are off the table just because you have a more traditional home. In fact, cable deck railings have become essentially standard on "country" and barn-inspired homes in recent years.


Cable deck railings come in a variety of different dimensions, styles, and finishes. Don't assume that deck railings you saw at home, restaurant, or resort represent the full scope of this architectural genre. When you sit down with a deck builder serving the Chicago suburbs to discuss your deck project, you'll be introduced to a catalog of cable deck railings representing many different styles. Cable deck railings can be used for decking, stairs, front porches, and much more.

Explore Cable Deck Railings for Your New Deck in Illinois

At Royal Deck, we're proud to offer our clients access to the best cable railing products on the market today. Let us help you integrate this attractive, versatile option into your deck design for a stunning result that increases your home's value. Contact the Royal Deck team today at our office in Naperville, Illinois!