The Best Tips for Creating Privacy on Your Deck

The Best Tips for Creating Privacy on Your Deck

While you love showing off your deck, you don't necessarily want to share the view with your neighbors. Creating privacy on your deck in Illinois is an important part of enjoying your yard. Luckily, there are many stylish options that enhance the look of a deck without "blocking out" the natural beauty that surrounds it. Take a look at some tips for creating privacy on your deck.


Strategic shrubbery that builds a "green perimeter" around your deck can be a great way to create a beautifully landscaped yard with the added benefit of privacy. Of course, installing shrubbery borders can be pricey. You may also have to wait a few years for the greenery to fill in before you can begin enjoying privacy.


Some homeowners find that the fastest way to get privacy is to install some type of canopy that allows them to use drop-cloth curtains. This can be an easy way to create barriers. However, some homeowners dislike the maintenance needed with this option. What's more, enclosing your deck with cloth coverings means that you're blocking out views, suns, and breezes.

Deck Enclosures

If you'd like to make your deck a private space, consider having it enclosed. Enclosing a deck allows you to enjoy an indoor-outdoor "room" that is ideal for relaxing, dining, and entertaining. However, not every homeowner wants to take on such a big construction project just to get a little extra privacy.

Partitions and Screens

Privacy screens can obscure your deck without taking away from your landscape. Adding stylish privacy screens that function a bit like fencing has become a popular option among Chicagoland homeowners looking to add value to their yards. Here at Royal Deck in Naperville, we specialize in providing high-quality privacy screens that are meant to accentuate your deck design. We offer privacy screens that are made from powder-coated aluminum to prevent rust, weather damage, and discoloration.

The benefit of going with privacy screens is that your coverage zone can be completely customized. You'll just select the number of individual panels needed to create privacy. Privacy screens also allow light and air to breeze right through without making your deck feel isolated. What's more, privacy screens are actually offered in modern, attractive designs that make your deck area look highly manicured. Some privacy screens even come with special touches like built-in flower boxes.

Get Help With Deck Privacy for Your Chicagoland Home

If you're craving some extra privacy on your deck, Royal Deck can help you to discover a privacy solution that actually makes your deck more beautiful. We specialize in custom deck privacy options for homes throughout the Chicago suburbs. Contact Royal Deck to learn about the possibilities for loving your deck more!